Lange Accounting Group, LLC.

Lange Accounting Group, LLC.

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Tax Planning, Tax Preparation & Financial Projections

Lange Financial Group LLCLange Accounting Group, LLC prepares individual and business tax forms, with a trained eye for reducing your taxes while keeping you out of trouble. We pride ourselves as one the most informed estate planning/CPA firms on Roth IRAs and Roth IRA conversions.

We offer analysis and recommendations for multiple year Roth IRA conversions. Our long-term projections are informed by the combination of objective and situational factors specific to each individual. We not only use Roth IRA conversion software to make our recommendations, but also actual tax preparation software so we can optimize results and test the impact of different courses of action.  We then recommend the best plan that is consistent with a client’s goals. At Lange Account Group, LLC, we offer our clients the option to be present when we “run the numbers” so they can understand what we did, as well as offer their own input and “what if” scenarios.

Other benefits of Lange Account Group, LLC

  • Our experienced in-house CPAs prepare individual and business tax forms, with a trained eye for reducing your taxes while keeping you out of trouble.
  • Our attorneys and CPAs work together to provide advice that makes sense for both tax purposes and for retirement and estate planning.
  • We also make spending recommendations on how much a client can safely afford to spend given the resources they have. 


If you are a western PA resident, schedule a free initial consultation with us by completing the form below or call Alice Davis at 412-521-2732, Ext. 218. 

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